We do not sell “Once Fired” cases. We sell DUYS Certified Used Brass. These cases have all been Deprimed.

CB-2000 Mk2 Rotary Case Tumbler Owner’s Manual

Cartridge Brass CB-2000 Mk2 Rotary Case Tumbler. Designed and
manufactured in South Africa from off-the-shelf components, the CB-2000 Mk2 is intended to be a low cost, yet
very efficient and durable system for the cost-effective cleaning of firearm cases, inside and out.

CB‐2000 Mk2 Rotary Case Tumbler Case Cleaning

Cleaning of spent firearm cases before reloading is a process viewed by many as an absolute necessity whereas
other reloaders consider it as a waste of time, energy and finances. Both sides of the argument have merit, but
in the end, it is a personal choice.

Due to continuous product improvement, the appearance of the actual unit could differ from what is shown.